College of Science & Engineering

Head of College Prizes 2016

These inaugural prizes are to recognise and celebrate staff contributions that have made significant impact in the College of Science and Engineering (CSE).

Nominations were encouraged from both support and academic staff within the College and its affiliates, with four key areas taken into consideration; Outreach, Team, Inclusion and Diversity, Lifetime Achievement.

  • Outreach Prize: will recognise excellence in any area of outreach in CSE.
  • Team Prize: will recognise outstanding examples of team work in promoting any area of science and engineering in teaching, research, innovation or outreach.
  • Inclusion and Diversity Prize: will recognise individuals and teams in CSE who have contributed towards the advancement of diversity in STEM.
  • Lifetime Achievement Prize: will recognise exceptional service over a period of years to any facet of CSE activity – typically at least 15 years.

The Winners

The calibre of applications were outstanding which presented the judging panel with quite a challenge to select a winner in each category.

Outreach Prize: Areti Manataki, School of Informatics

Team Prize: UG Teaching Review (Ken Sawin, Graham Stone, David Cavanagh, Julia Richardson, Richard Milne, Matt Bell), School of Biological Sciences

Inclusion and Diversity Prize: Stephen Moggach, School of Chemistry

Lifetime Achievement Prize: Brian Cameron, School of Geosciences

What wonderful staff there are in CSE - I knew it before and now I know it even more.

Prof Lesley YellowleesVice Principal and Head of College

Celebrating Success

Many congratulations to all the winners. The prize winning entry in every category will be awarded £500 and a trophy.

Prizes will be awarded at the "Celebration of Achievement Lunch" on the 30th November in the College Office.

Looking Forward

If you have any ideas for additional categories for the Head of College Prizes for 2017 we'd love to hear them, please contact:

Please note that entry this year does not preclude entry next year - all were prize worthy.