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Doors Open Day 2016

On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2016, the College of Science and Engineering will be heavily involved in the Edinburgh Doors Open Day programme. Coordinated by the Cockburn Association, this event is an opportunity for the public to visit buildings that are not usually available.

A summary of the King’s Buildings campus activities can be found below and in the leaflet available here:

In addition, our staff and students will also be involved at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.

Doors Open Day at the King’s Buildings (open Saturday 24th Sept; 10am–4pm)

Campus-wide activities

Sign up for guided tours, lasting 45-60 minutes, departing from the Ashworth Laboratories at 10.30am, 12noon, and 2pm. Alternatively, some self-guided tour maps will be available, as well as orienteering maps for the more adventurous. For younger visitors, a treasure hunt has been set; sheets available from the Roger Land Building.

Specific activities

In the Ashworth Laboratories, visitors can see the Natural History Collection, a variety of research-related hands-on activities, and an exhibition of the Darwin Tower redevelopment.

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream making at Doors Open Day
Liquid Nitrogen ice cream making at Doors Open Day

In the Grant Institute, investigation of the Cockburn geological specimens and historical objects is possible. Just next door, tours of the Joseph Black Building are available, as well as chemistry-based activities and freshly made ice cream. 

The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility will be recreating wave and tidal conditions that enable innovative marine energy designs to be tested. At the Roger Land Building, biodesign research – combining synthetic biology, automation, and robots – will be showcased.

Finally, several groups will be welcoming visitors in the James Clerk Maxwell Building. On level 2 (ground floor), visitors can find out more about soft matter physics through activities and tours. Whilst on level 3 (by the Magnet café), the role of mathematics in the world of architecture can be explored, as well as the world of particle physics and what’s next for CERN researchers.

Away from the King’s Buildings campus, the College of Science and Engineering will also be involved in the activities at the following locations.

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (open Sunday 25th September; 10am–4pm)

Explore the unique combination of the old and new at the High School Yards with this low-carbon building reflecting the research undertaken here. Guided tours will take place at 11am and 2pm (please arrive 15 minutes beforehand).

Royal Observatory Edinburgh (open Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September; 10am–5pm)

Learn about the work of the Institute for Astronomy as part of this open day at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, which is close to the King’s Buildings campus. A variety of activities and tours will be available, as well as the opportunity to speak to engineers and astronomers directly.

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