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Academics Unplugged Talk - Prof Jason Reese

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Imagine sifting salt molecules from seawater, to provide drinking water in dry countries. Or treating vehicle surfaces to control the air or water flow and reduce fuel consumption. These are examples of multi-scale challenges, in which the interactions between the smallest constituents, right down to molecules, open up exciting new technological opportunities.

I will discuss how borrowing ideas from physics, applied maths, chemistry, biology, and computer science can enable us to understand and simulate these and other emerging applications.

Professsor Jason Reese, Institute for Multiscale Thermofluids, School of Engineering.

Feb 07 2019 -

Academics Unplugged Talk - Prof Jason Reese

The latest in our series of lunchtime research lectures will see Professor Jason Reese from the School of Engineering deliver his talk: 'A World in a Grain of Sand': why the particular matters.

Joseph Black Building, T100, King's Buildings