College of Science & Engineering

Engagement Monitoring

Your School will monitor your engagement with your studies.

In order to make sure you receive appropriate and timely support to enable you to succeed in your studies, Schools will monitor your engagement and participation with a range of activities related to your programme of study.  These could include, for example, labs, submission of assessments, annual reviews, training that is a formal requirement of a programme, and attendance at formal scheduled meetings with key members of staff (e.g. Personal Tutors, Student Support Teams, Programme Directors, and Supervisors).  Schools will use the data in a variety of ways, all aimed at supporting you in your studies, and identifying possible disengagement so that appropriate support can be offered in a timely manner.

How will Schools in the College of Science and Engineering monitor engagement?

Your School will gather data on a variety of activities you carry out in relation to your studies, which all students are expected to participate in:

  • Attendance and engagement with all scheduled teaching sessions whether in person or delivered digitally. 
  • Use of your School’s Virtual Learning Environment (Learn) and other electronic resources and platform within the University to support your studies. 
  • Submission of the required assessment and examinations within your programme of study.
  • Participation in meetings with key academic and support staff as applicable.
  • Responding to formal communications, and generally keeping in touch with your School whether you are studying on- or off-campus.

All data is gathered and stored in line with the University policies and guidance on data handling and you can view the privacy statement below. 

University Student Systems Privacy Statement

If you are studying in the UK with a student visa

You will be aware that the University has an additional legal duty to monitor your engagement under the UK Visa and Immigration Office’s (UKVI) points-based system. 

If you have a student visa, you can find out more about your responsibilities and the University’s responsibilities.

What happens if there are concerns about attendance and engagement?

If we have concerns about your engagement, we will address this with you. The School will contact you via your University email account, in line with the  University's Policy on use of email as a method of contacting students [PDF]. You must  access and manage your University email account regularly, as it will be assumed that you have opened and acted on communications. Failure to do so will not be considered an acceptable excuse for actions or inactions, or as a ground for appeal.