People of CSE

People of CSE

Our People of CSE campaign is unearthing interesting and inspiring stories from our staff, students and alumni. We want to discover and share the stories of the people who study and work here, celebrate the diversity of our community and find out who the people are that we see on our campuses every day. 

image of a man with 'let glassblowing live on' to his side

Stuart is the only scientific glassblower at the University of Edinburgh, he is based at the School of Chemistry. Every day, he designs, makes, and repairs scientific glassware for students and staff in his workshop. Stuart handles glass with sophisticated skill; he has been a glassblower for over three decades and even spread his knowledge to Sri Lanka. Stuart hopes to keep the traditional skills alive in the glassblowing industry.  

Richard Milne graphic

Richard is a senior lecturer at the School of Biological Sciences. He manages to balance his own creative interests with his teaching and research in plant biology. An extremely creative person; he has created a satirical comic series on social media and has also published a comedy thriller. His creative approach also influences the way he teaches, and as a three-time winner of a Teaching Award – it must be working! His aim is not only to teach but more importantly, to inspire.  

Silhouette of a student against a green background graphic with the name Xinyue Gao

Xinyue is a PhD student from the School of Chemistry. Her love and enthusiasm for chemistry is huge; it is not only her career, but it is also what helped her to keep going during the more difficult times in her life. Xinyue’s story shows us that it is okay if we feel in a bad place sometimes; we are not alone. She encourages others to find comfort in what they do daily, in their hobbies, and importantly, to seek help when it is needed.  

banner image of Ash Gupta with quote

Ash graduated from the University in 1969. He’s had an interesting life and dealt with many challenges along the way  –  betrayal, prejudice, legal challenges, racism and more.  Now 74 years old, Ash is managing an international smart power quality technology company and showcasing rock guitar music.

Kelsey Barnhill - People of CSE campaign

Kelsey is a deep-sea ecologist currently completing her PhD at the School of Geosciences. Exploring the ocean and studying cold-water corals is her greatest passion. Over the past few years, she has been sailing on, and studying the oceans whilst sharing her discoveries, experience, and passion with others.