College of Science & Engineering

Public Engagement events at KB101

Public engagement events, whether outdoors or in enclosed spaces, have been hardest hit by the pandemic, and many of our planned events are currently on hold or are being delivered in a way – usually online – that meets health and safety criteria. We will revisit events in light of further changes to the rules for social engagement and publish programme changes in forthcoming publicity announcements.


Doors Open Day 2021 / Explorathon 2021

DOD: 25th–26th September 2021 Explorathon 2021: 20th–25th September 2021

The University’s Doors Open Day celebrations will centre around our virtual tour of the campus, with links to research and school activities in a variety of campus buildings. As with last year, no buildings will be open to the public, although the campus will be open with self-guided programmes for visitors. Our KB101 Campus History exhibition (see below) will be included in the virtual tour.

Explorathon is a Scotland-wide festival that celebrates the research happening in our universities through a lively programme of free public events. Funded by the European Commission, the festival is part of 'European Researchers' Night', which will take place on Friday 24 September 2021. Most activity should fall within the week 20-25 September 2021, and work is underway to coordinate the research events from our College.


Lab visit week

June 2022 (to be confirmed)

We hope to be able to close the centenary period with a major event for local schools, with lab visits, talks and presentations. This is of course dependent upon the relaxation of covid restrictions, and we will update the programme later in the year.


Campus history exhibition

Opening: 25th September 2021, KB campus / online

Our exhibition of campus history, a narrative based around aerial shots of King’s Buildings over the century, will be opened as part of the Doors Open event, with an online version available through the virtual tour.


College history exhibition

Opening: April 2022

The College History exhibition will comprise a timeline against which the major events and discoveries by our Schools and researchers over the century will be marked. At present we are planning an online opening, and if possible a physical exhibition will be mounted; we will provide updates as the year progresses.


100objects exhibition

100 objects collage

May 2022

Public engagement events collage

This exhibition showcases items that are part of the history of the campus, its Schools, discoveries, staff and students, forming part of an online/published and physical exhibition at a campus venue Schools and the College have select objects of the types as described below, that reflect the achievements of the College over the century. Objects might be historical artifacts, papers, research equipment, diagrams, models, awards, equations… some are shown here.


The Centenary photography competition 

Runs until June 2022

As part of our KB101 celebrations we have announced a photography competition for College staff and students to showcase life and work in the College of Science and Engineering. The closing date for the competition has been changed to June 2022; full details are at the link below.