College of Science & Engineering

College Office

The College Office teams provide central administrative and management services for the College of Science and Engineering.

Our responsibilities include:

  • central admissions and administration for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Science & Engineering
  • on-course administration for all students
  • administration of promotions and other academic staff affairs
  • estates, finance, procurement and human resources services for the College
  • public engagement and communications services for the College
  • support for research and strategic projects
  • a number of other cross-College or cross-University programmes

Office opening hours: 9.00am - 5.00 pm (Mon-Fri)


College Office

3rd Floor, Murchison House,

Max Born Crescent,

King's Buildings





Staff list

A detailed list of the College Office staff with their contact information.

Senior administration

The senior management team at the College of Science & Engineering.

Support teams

The College Office is organised into several support teams with varying roles and responsibilities.

College Office: Academic Affairs Section

The Academic Affairs team provide administrative support to the College Office in a number of areas.