Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre


Meet our team of researchers and professional services staff.

Research at the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre is overseen by three Programme Leads/ Principal Investigators, who provide intellectual leadership for work within the Centre. 

Principal Investigators

Sue Fletcher-Watson

Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson

Director of the Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre

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Sue is a developmental pschologist and Professor of developmental psychology. She became Director of the Centre in 2019. Sue is interested in how children develop and learn, and in particular in cases where this follows an unusual trajectory. In her own research Sue has a particular focus on Autism. 

Sinead Rhodes

Dr Sinéad Rhodes

Principal Investigator

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Sinéad is a developmental psychologist and Senior Research Fellow. She is interested in the cognitive factors underlying behaviour and learning. Her research has principally focused on cognition, especially memory and associated executive functions, in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including ADHDASD and DCD/Dyspraxia.

Rachael Wood

Dr Rachael Wood

Principal Investigator

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Rachael is a Consultant in Public Health Medicine in Public Health Scotland . She is also an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer within the University of Edinburgh Centre for Population Health Sciences. Rachael conducts research on child public health, with a particular focus on child development and neurodevelopmental conditions affecting children.  Her research often involves the use of routinely available data.

Clinical Researchers

Leila Mackie

Leila Mackie

Clinical Research Fellow

Leila is a NHS Research Scotland Clinical Research Fellow and Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist. Her research interests are mainly around communication difficulties in children and young people, and the effectiveness of interventions designed to support these. She has a particular interest in autism.

Zoe Grayson

Zoe Grayson

Clinical Research Associate


Research Fellows

Alyssa Alcorn

Dr Alyssa Alcorn

Research Fellow

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Alyssa is an interdisciplinary researcher working in human-computer interaction, psychology, and education. Her current research is about developing resources to teach about neurodiversity in primary schools, via participatory design. Much of her work has focused on developing and evaluating novel technologies for use in school settings with pupils on the autism spectrum.

Catherine Crompton

Dr Catherine Crompton

Research Fellow

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Catherine is a neuropsychologist and post-doctoral researcher. Her research explores the different ways that neurodivergent people communicate, and how this relates to wellbeing. She is particularly interested in peer support and community-based participatory research. 

Rachael Davis

Rachael Davis

Research Fellow


Chris Eaton

Dr Chris Eaton

Research Fellow

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Chris is interested in the presentation of comorbid depression and epilepsy in children and adolescents with ASD. Chris is currently working to develop a screening tool for depression in young people with ASD who do not have an intellectual disability. 

Margaret Horne

Dr Margaret Horne


Margaret is a medical statistician and is currently working part-time with Rachael Wood and Louise Marryat on the routine data analysis workstream for the national evaluation of the Universal Health Visiting Pathway. She has previously worked on various projects in the Usher Institute, and is now also working part-time for UNCOVER, the Usher Network for COVID-19 Evidence Reviews.

Rebecca Iversen

Rebecca Iversen

Research Fellow


Emily McDougall

Dr Emily McDougal

Research Fellow

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Emily is interested in understanding how to best support primary school children who are struggling to learn at school, and in using this empirical work to develop educational and clinical support strategies for these children.  She is currently working on the development and feasibility of a learning intervention in children with ADHD designed to target executive function and self-regulation in children referred for ADHD assessment. 

louise marryat

Dr Louise Marryat

Honorary Research Fellow

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Louise is a quantitative researcher with a background in sociology, public health and statistics. Her research has primarily focussed on the use of longitudinal and routine datasets to explore a diverse set of topics around child and maternal health. She is particularly interested in early child development, particularly in relation to neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health.

Eamonn Walls

Dr Eamonn Walls

Research Fellow


Research Associates and Assistants

Saoirse Heron

Saoirse Heron

Research Associate

Saoirse is a Research Associate who has a backgroud in Psychology. She is currently working on a multi-site Randomized Controlled Trial exploring the clinical and cost effectiveness of a parent group intervention to manage restricted repetitive behaviours in young children with Autism

Lewis Montgomery

Lewis Montgomery

Research Assistant


Jessica Oldridge

Jessica Oldridge

Research Assitant


Professional Services Staff

Sue Davidson

Sue Davidson

Research Co-ordinator

Alison Irving

Alison Irving

Communications Manager

Alison manages the communications and external engagement activity for the Research Centre. Her role encompasses organising events, developing and maintaining the Centre's website, social media channels and printed materials and also assisting with PR. She joined the University of Edinburgh in 2016 and has worked in health communications for almost 20 years.

In addition to the people listed above, the following students are currently undertaking postgraduate study affiliated with the ResearchCentre:  Kabie Brook; Ruth Cowie; Miranda Eodanable; Lorna Ginnell; Margarita Kanevski; Margaret Laurie; Cameron Maitland Warne, Sinéad O’Carroll; Shereen Sharaan. 

Finally, we also benefit from the input of a range of associate members from a diverse selection of academic departments and disciplinary backgrounds.

Associate Members

The research centre benefits from a number of associate members from the University of Edinburgh who contribute to, and advise on, various projects.