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The Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre is a highly research-active group, punching well above its weight in research quality and impact.

Our current research themes include:

  • describing the impact of bilingualism on learning, development and life experiences in autistic children
  • mapping the thinking skills, educational achievements and co-occuring conditions of children referred for ADHD diagnosis, and using this to inform a new intervention model
  • charting the impact of the Scottish Government’s new Health Visitor Pathway
  • evaluating a new intervention for parents of autistic children, helping them understand their child’s repetitive and restricted behaviours
  • developing a novel measure of depression in autistic adolescents
  • co-designing an app to guide parents through the autism diagnostic pathway

We deploy a range of methods to address questions of interest, including:

  • interviews and focus groups
  • surveys and Delphi studies
  • observational and experimental tasks
  • longitudinal cohorts, including both primary and secondary data collection
  • measure development and validation
  • randomised controlled trials
  • novel combinations and analyses of routine data.

We endeavour to publish not just papers, but also methods and materials, data, analysis code, figures, slides and so on. In addition, we aim to translate all our work into outputs that are accessible and useful to stakeholders in the community: people with learning difficulties, their families, and practitioners who work with them.


Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS)

Learning about learning difficulties for primary school pupils and their teachers: co-designing and evaluating an evidence-based, open access resource in a neurodiversity framework

Managing Repetitive Behaviours Parent Group Study

Managing Repetitive Behaviours: A clinical and cost effectiveness trial of a parent group intervention to manage restricted repetitive behaviours in young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Rising Stars seminar series

person stood delivering a talk to a room of people
This seminar series is a chance to hear from early career researchers across the UK and beyond, working in the field of learning and neurodevelopmental diversity.  

Research Priorities

Someone holding a research question on a sheet of paper
Research Priorities for Learning Difficulties was a project that identified the top 10 research priorities for learning difficulties amongst children and young people.

Early literacy in Autism

Researching Autism Spectrum Disorder and associations with literacy skills at the start of primary school.