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Current Studentship Vacancies

TitleClosing Date
Does the vaginal microbiome predict pregnancy outcomes in dairy cattle?20 January 2019
Uncovering the genetic and molecular basis of hair variation and evolution20 January 2019
The microbial black box of soil - Does what is inside matter?20 January 2019
Science-policy communication in animal and public health policy formulation and prioritisation20 January 2019
Understanding the genetic basis of protein level variation in the human brain20 January 2019
Transdisciplinary analysis of the likelihood of farming community adoption of different soil restoration strategies, using, integrated biophysical, social and economic simulation model20 January 2019
Modelling climate change adaptation in Brazilian livestock systems20 January 2019
Genetic Definition of Loci That Underpin Poultry Beak Shape20 January 2019
The impact of translational control on host-pathogen encounters20 January 2019
Using Google's TensorFlow framework to map disease genes20 January 2019
Early life predictors of long-life health and productivity in farm animals20 January 2019
Understanding the genetic basis of trypanotolerance in West African small ruminants 20 January 2019
Optimising global FMD vaccine supply in exotic and endemic settings20 January 2019
Genomics-based epidemiology of the bovine mastitis pathogen Streptococcus uberis20 January 2019
Identification of interferon stimulated genes that restrict cross-species transmission of influenza A virus20 January 2019
Dissecting the role of immune checkpoint intrinsic signalling in pathogenesis and radioresistance of feline oral squamous cell carcinoma20 January 2019
Understanding embryonic development of complex anatomy with novel reporter transgenic chickens and single cell sequencing20 January 2019
Development of a predictive phenotypic screening technology for selection of immunologically robust chickens with superior resistance against diverse pathogens20 January 2019
Remote sensing, machine learning and biodiversity: identifying, measuring, and monitoring biodiversity mediated ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes20 January 2019
Genetic dissection of individual health trajectories and their role in disease transmission20 January 2019
Impact of feed restriction on the gut-microbiome-brain axis and associated host transcriptional profiles in broiler chickens 20 January 2019
Characterisation of decoy proteins active against nidovirus infection20 January 2019
Investigating of the roles of the choline-specific phosphodiesterase, ENPP6 in skeletal mineralisation and lipid metabolism20 January 2019
Exploring novel tools to combat antimicrobial resistance using Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal cells and organoids20 January 2019
The market, regultory and policy drivers of antibiotic use in African livestock agriculture20 January 2019
Conservation Genomic Management of Endangered Species Breeding Programmes20 January 2019
Genomic analysis of selection and adaptation in farmed tilapia20 January 2019
Identification of interaction sites between the genomic segments of influenza virus as putative novel anti-viral targets20 January 2019
Role of microglia and innate immune memory on CNS prion disease pathogenesis20 January 2019
Development and evaluation of new inflammatory biomarkers and the structure and function of the intestinal microbiome in canine chronic enteropathy 20 January 2019
Dissecting the basis of Salmonella enterica host-specificity by machine learning20 January 2019
Investigating rotavirus biology by modifying the genome of both virus and host18 January 2019