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Current Studentship Vacancies

TitleClosing Date
Genetic improvement for small holder dairy cattle systems in Senegal05 December 2018
Modelling cell state transitions in differentiating embryonic stem cells05 December 2018
Investigation of cortical population codes for long-term memory05 December 2018
Antimicrobial Resistance: modelling environmental and social interactions in the agricultural sector05 December 2018
Using genomics to decipher selection and environmental adaptation in an aquaculture species05 December 2018
Bovine enteroids (mini-guts) as novel systems to analyse host-pathogen interactions in the intestine05 December 2018
The evolution of mutation rates across bovid species and the impact of domestication05 December 2018
Identification of interferon stimulated genes that restrict cross-species transmission of influenza A virus05 December 2018
Mass spectrometry imaging to evaluate mechanistic lipidomic markers in liver health and disease throughout the life-course05 December 2018
The role of epigenetic pathways in defining pluripotent stem cell states in the embryo and ES cells 05 December 2018
Exploiting large-scale exome sequence data to determine the genetic control of healthy aging05 December 2018
The influence of intestinal helminths on susceptibility to African trypanosome infections05 December 2018
Neuronal population coding in the visual cortex during the acquisition of a behavioural task05 December 2018
An integrative approach to understanding the mechanobiology of liver regeneration05 December 2018
Identifying factors which regulate the decreased rate of axon degeneration in neonatal mice05 December 2018
Epi-evolutionary modelling of pathogen dynamics using high throughput genomic sequencing data in multi-layer networks05 December 2018
The role of TRIM25/RNA interactions in innate immune response to influenza A infection05 December 2018
Genome-wide identification of novel therapeutic targets for the control of bovine Staphylococcus aureus infection05 December 2018
Immununogenetics and disease transmission across a wildlife-livestock interface in North Africa05 December 2018
Food security through carbon sequestration05 December 2018
Immunological, functional and structural investigation of parasite-derived immunomodulatory proteins05 December 2018
Early life predictors of long-life health and productivity in farm animals05 December 2018
Characterising how the HUSH complex can induce the epigenetic repression of retroviruses and retroelements05 December 2018
Computational analysis of single cell RNA-seq data to identify signalling networks underpinning tissue specific macrophage function during development and pathology05 December 2018
Determining the role of new molecules in activity-dependent bulk endocytosis 05 December 2018
Engrams and neural circuitry for episodic memory05 December 2018
MINITAGS: new tools for imaging small proteins with super-resolution05 December 2018
Elucidating the molecular determinants of dominant-negative mutations in protein complexes05 December 2018
Definition and validation of the epigenetic landscape of avian craniofacial morphogenesis05 December 2018
Quantitative analysis of behavioural recovery after brain injury in larval zebrafish through computational modelling05 December 2018
Making Connections: Building in vitro models of tissue interfaces using 3D bioprinting technologies05 December 2018
Using single cell approaches to interrogate host immunity to pathogens05 December 2018
Exploiting stem cell and gene editing technologies towards discovery of genetic variants important for muscle development and meat production05 December 2018
Assessing the impact of disease-prevention decision making of pig holders on the spread of ASF05 December 2018
Investigating of the roles of the choline-specific phosphodiesterase, ENPP6 in skeletal mineralisation and lipid metabolism05 December 2018
Discovering new host-pathogen interactions to develop antivirals and vaccine strategies against PRRSV05 December 2018
Studying African buffalo evolution to map pathogen resistance genes05 December 2018
Spinal cord repair by endogenous progenitor cells05 December 2018
Taming the Hippo: revealing fundamental insights into the cellular aging process05 December 2018
Emergence of functional polarity in a tubular epithelium05 December 2018
What makes a brain endothelial cell special?05 December 2018
Motile cilia: imaging the dynein motor complexes and motor assembly05 December 2018
Genetic dissection of individual health trajectories and their role in disease transmission05 December 2018
Remote sensing, machine learning and biodiversity: facilitating sustainable crop production through improved measurement and monitoring of biodiversity in farmed landscapes05 December 2018
Development of bioorthogonal stimulated Raman scattering microscopy for evaluation of drug biodistribution05 December 2018
Cellular and molecular investigation of the role of the ubiquitously expressed thioesterase Ppt105 December 2018
Unravelling the circuit changes mediating the development of episodic memory 05 December 2018
Using novel drug discovery platforms to inhibit ENPP enzymes during the calcification process05 December 2018
Characterising allele specific expression in goats to answer key questions in livestock genomics05 December 2018
Time to hatch and feed: Neuroendocrine mechanisms underpinning behaviour in avian early life05 December 2018
Using C. elegans and computational modelling to understand the mechanisms governing calcium signalling in the brain 05 December 2018
Identify and improve key cognitive processes affecting decline of memory persistence in early ageing05 December 2018
Environmental and genetic risks for disease burden over the canine lifecourse 05 December 2018
Establishing drivers for the generation and transmission of antimicrobial resistance in the food chain05 December 2018
Uncovering the genetic and molecular basis of hair variation and evolution05 December 2018
Exploring novel tools to combat infection using Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal cells and organoids05 December 2018
Transcriptomics and Genomics of Brain Development: Identifying GLI3 and DMRTA2 Transcription Factor Target Genes in Regulation of Neural Progenitor Proliferation05 December 2018
In vivo live imaging and multi-omic analysis of pre-neoplastic cell metabolic change 05 December 2018
Sheep, bacteria and breathing: what to expect from the respiratory microbiome 05 December 2018
Statistical and integrative methods for the identification of causal variation in highly structured populations05 December 2018