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Current Studentship Vacancies

TitleClosing Date
Copula ABC for Infectious Disease Models in Populations with Heterogeneous Contact Structures16 January 2018
Characterisation of the early interactions of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis in intestinal organoid cultures 16 January 2018
Evaluating the impact of knowledge brokers and science-policy communication in animal and public health policy formulation16 January 2018
The intestinal M cell as vaccine target and porte d'entree for pathogens: a double-edged sword16 January 2018
Directed differentiation of avian stem cells16 January 2018
Unravelling the molecular mechanisms for East Coast Fever16 January 2018
The influence of pathogen co-infection on the pathogenesis of African trypanosomiasis16 January 2018
Statistical genomics applied to complex traits and evolution of dogs16 January 2018
Investigating the neurobiology of social behaviour16 January 2018
Welfare assessment of salmon within aquaculture16 January 2018
MHC structure and the effect of heterozygosity in the immunodominance of bovine CD8+ T-cell responses against Theileria parva16 January 2018
Exploring variation in bacterial genome sequence and link to pathogenicity16 January 2018
How do sex hormones regulate the function of arteries and valves?16 January 2018
Identifying genetic variants that promote muscle development and meat production16 January 2018
Comparing impact on learning of different approaches to teaching anatomy16 January 2018
Optimising networks to control multiple possible pathogens16 January 2018
Host cell determinants of BoHV-1 pathogenesis: a genome wide analysis16 January 2018
Engineering resistance to swine influenza16 January 2018
Investigating of the roles of the choline-specific phosphodiesterase, ENPP6 in skeletal mineralisation and lipid metabolism16 January 2018
The Genetics and Development of Human Hair Shape16 January 2018
Using a food systems approach to examine the cost-effectiveness of AMR reduction targets on meat supply chains16 January 2018
Investigating the susceptibility of British deer to chronic wasting disease16 January 2018
Early life predictors of long-life health and productivity in farm animals16 January 2018
A cat and mouth game: Can a feline dental condition inform on how human bones weaken with age?16 January 2018
The evolution of mutation rates in bovids and the impact of domestication16 January 2018
Exploring Transposon-mediated Effects on Dog Bone Biology16 January 2018
Leprosy in Wildlife: Investigating Disease Susceptibility in the Eurasian Red Squirrel16 January 2018
Combining livestock genetics and infectious disease modelling to improve animal health16 January 2018
Resistance of warthogs to African Swine Fever Virus16 January 2018
Mechanisms of persistence of canine adenoviruses16 January 2018