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Pathways to Professor

Four speakers describe their route to becoming a professor and what is expected from them.

The Career Development Committee held a 'Pathways to Professor' lunchtime workshop on 3rd November 2016. Four members of staff described their personal route to becoming a professor:

  • David Argyle - Head of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
  • Susan Rhind - Chair of Veterinary Education, Director of Teaching for Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and Assistant Principal (Assessment and Feedback)
  • Catherina Becker - Personal Chair of Neural Development and Regeneration at the Centre for Neuro-regeneration
  • John Hickey - Chair of Animal Breeding at The Roslin Institute.

Each speaker’s career had developed in different ways but common elements were: determination to pursue goals about which they were passionate, seeking advice from mentors, managing work/life balance – and luck! There were plenty of questions and discussion with attending postdocs, research fellows and group leaders. The workshop provided insights into the various achievements that can be recognised in the promotion process and at the end David Argyle talked about the contributions that are expected from staff once they have reached professorial level.

Pathways to professor event