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Kat Arney on telling stories about science

Seminar by award-winning science writer and broadcaster Kat Arney.

Kat Arney

Stories are a powerful form of communication that span all ages and cultures, from Spot the Dog to mighty historical epics. They engage our minds and emotions, and can even change the world. Science is full of stories - the challenge is figuring out how we tell them.

Kat Arney is an award-winning science writer and broadcaster, and is director of the science communications and media consultancy First Create The Media. She is the author of the popular science books Herding Hemingway’s Cats: Understanding How Our Genes Work, and How to Code a Human.

On 27 August 2018, after meeting a group of our scientists to advise them on how to enhance their public engagement skills, Kat Arney delivered a seminar at the Institute on telling stories about science.

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