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Focus, plan, attack!

A training course giving tips on how to be productive without stress.

Busy professionals regularly comment that their ever increasing workload is having a profound effect on their job satisfaction and ability to produce desired results.

This one day seminar has been developed to help staff at all levels, effectively manage a hectic and complex workload as we focus on the important, plan our work and attack it with confidence.

On 30th April, David Longstaff from Positive People has delivered this course at The Roslin Institute. Participants learned how to define goals, projects and tasks, getting to grips with workflow and setting up a system to support them.

Learning outcomes included:

  • Skilfully manage a busy schedule.
  • Feel on top of work and home life.
  • Get the best from tools such as Outlook and OneNote.
  • Efficiently maintain the inbox.
  • Effectively plan and progress projects.
  • Determine and prioritise goals.

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Photo of a group of people learning from David Longstaff.
David Longstaff from Positive People.