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Creating an effective online presence for research & impact

The workshop highlighted the importance and potential risks of having a visible online presence and offered advice on managing social media platforms and creating a social media strategy.

Louise Connelly

This was a great opportunity to learn how to create an effective online presence (and digital footprint) for research and impact. Louise Connelly from the Digital Education Unit has been to The Roslin Institute to deliver a 2-hour workshop on 8 March.

The main focus of the session was to create a practical strategy that staff could implement. It:

  • Highlighted the importance and benefits of having an effective online presence e.g. in relation to research impact
  • Provided an overview of how to create of a social media/online presence strategy
  • Considered the risks and benefits of having a visible online presence
  • Provided advice on managing social media profiles
  • Highlighted the guidance from various Professional Bodies e.g. RCVS
  • Hints and tips on saving time when using social media, for example scheduling tweets and Facebook/blog posts