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BBSRC Fellowship Workshop

A workshop to prepare for the calls for the BBSRC Discovery and David Phillips Fellowship programmes.

The panelists

On the 14th March 2018, the Career Development Committee hosted a BBSRC Fellowship workshop. The workshop was held in preparation for the open calls for the Discovery Fellowships (previously called Future Leader Fellowships) and David Phillips Fellowships from the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

BBSRC Future Leader Fellows (FLFs) Dr Eamonn Reading, Kings College London, and Dr Patrick Moynihan, University of Birmingham, gave a scientific seminar, followed by a workshop.

Dr James Donald, who is Strategy & Policy Manager at the Skills and Careers Unit in BBSRC gave an introduction to BBSRC Fellowships, which was followed by a Q&A session with James, Eamonn and Patrick, along with Roslin scientists Adrian Muwonge (FLF), Vicky MacRae and Megan Davey (FLF Mentors).

BBSRC Bioscience Skills and Careers Postdoctoral Researcher Subgroup

Prerna Vohra

Roslin scientist Dr Prerna Vohra talked about the BBSRC Bioscience Skills and Careers (BSC) Postdoctoral Researcher Subgroup, of which she is a member.

The BBSRC recognises the need to support postdoctoral researchers in academia or elsewhere to maximise their research effectiveness and individual potential. To this end, they set up the BSC Postdoctoral Researcher Subgroup to advise on issues related to the careers and development of postdoctoral researchers to help strengthen the supply of highly skilled people to research and research-related careers.

The subgroup is made up of postdoc representatives from academia and industry who are BBSRC funded or have close links with the BBSRC. The main role of the subgroup is to offer thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics from issues faced by the postdoctoral community such as support for career development to demonstrating the impact of training and mentoring. By establishing the BBSRC Postdocs LinkedIn group, the subgroup seeks to build a community of postdocs and create a platform to seek and gather information from this postdoc community. A significant achievement of the subgroup so far has been in defining the position of postdocs in UK research in the BBSRC Vision for Postdoctoral Researchers, which sets out how the BBSRC expects grant holders and host institutions to support BBSRC-funded postdocs and which career development and training activities the BBSRC expects postdocs to engage with during their employment on BBSRC grants.

Membership to the Subgroup is refreshed to maintain a balance of new and established members and is via a formal application process. Details on how to get involved in this Subgroup can be found on the BBSRC website.

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