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Flexible working for parents and childcare facilities

Childcare facilities on campus and flexible working options available for parents.

The University of Edinburgh prioritises an outstanding working environment for staff on the Easter Bush Campus. In this page you can see a video by one of our researchers on flexible working for parents as well as information on the creation of new childcare facilities.

Flexible working

Dr Anagha Joshi of The Roslin Institute, talks about the flexible working options available for parents at Easter Bush Campus.

Arcadia nursery 

Nursery montage

The facility provides:

  • Baby & Toddler Area (birth - 2 years): includes baby & toddler play, sleep and changing areas for 18 children
  • Tweenie Area (2 - 3 years): includes tweenie play and changing areas for 20 children
  • Pre School Area (3 - 5 years): includes play and quiet areas for 40 children
  • Soft Play Area: multi-functional hall for children of all age groups
  • Reception and other relevant facilities: includes reception, staff room, storage space, office and meeting room, entrance lobby with pram/buggy park, toilets, utility room and kitchen
  • An enclosed, secure external play area for children of all age groups

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