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MSc Animal Biosciences

Scientific knowledge and practical skills to conduct research in animal science and "One Health".

MSc students in the lab

This exciting MSc provides students with scientific knowledge and practical skills to carry out research in the emerging area of animal science and "One Health", by providing foundation knowledge about the functioning of the animal body.

The similarities between animal and human medicine and the links between them are increasingly recognised. Animals can act as models for conditions that affect humans and other animals. The environment provides a link between us and the animals that share our lives. Using a multidisciplinary approach, collaborations between veterinarians, physicians and scientists can tackle issues such as emerging zoonoses (diseases transmitted between humans and animals), shared environmental impacts and the positive benefits of interacting with our animal companions.

In this exciting MSc course we explore applications of basic animal sciences to veterinary and human medicine, the livestock industry and food security. Students will graduate with a wide experience of techniques in animal biosciences, leading to careers in research, industry, government and other areas.

The programme, which commenced in 2011, has produced graduates who have found positions in universities, government and industry.

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