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Research Software Engineer

To work on simulation models of infectious disease transmission. Closing on 9 August.

In the position, you will be a member of a substantial team working on infectious disease modelling, developed to support research and government policy in regards to two projects, one on COVID-19 transmission in Great Britain and the other spread of bovine Tuberculosis in British livestock.

Your work will contribute to the further development of existing large-scale agent-based simulation models (e.g. as described here:, refining existing analyses that for COVID-19 is being used by the Scottish Government to generate medium term projections of COVID-19 cases in order to inform future control policies and for bovine Tuberculosis, is used by Defra to inform new control policies for Tb in cattle and badgers. 

The computational skills required are diverse, and while it is expected that the post-holder will be in a position to contribute to both projects immediately, a substantial training budget with allocated time (up to one day a week) is also available, making this post an excellent opportunity for skills development.

For the appropriate person, remote working from within the UK is a possibility (to be negotiated). Further funding to extend the position is also currently being sought.

Your skills and attributes for success:

  • Excellent computer simulation modelling skills in Java and preferably other languages (e.g with undergraduate training in computing science and informatics or another course where substantial programming skills are developed)
  • Familiarity with working with data
  • Evidence of good coding practice
  • Willingness to work on health policy-relevant problems, with the possibility of rapid response to immediately relevant questions.
  • A combination of Independent working and team skills

Futher Information

All applicants are encouraged to apply online. The application process is quick and easy to follow, and you will receive email confirmation of safe receipt of your application. Applications should be received by the closing date of 9 August 2021.

Further information and application