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Research Fellow - Neuroscience

To determine whether interferon-γ receptor 1-signalling is a novel mediator of neurotoxic reactive astrocyte activation. Closing on 20 July.

The salary range is £33,797 - £40,322.

You will work on an exciting new BBSRC-funded project that will investigate the role that interferon-γ receptor 1 (IFNGR1)-signalling plays in reactive astrocyte activation in the brain.  This project links closely with other studies in the laboratory aiming to understand how systemic inflammation can affect neuronal homeostasis and the progression of the neuropathology during certain neurodegenerative diseases. 

We are therefore seeking a post-doctoral scientist with neurobiology/neuroscience/neuroimmunology expertise to join this research team.  Your role will be to determine whether IFNGR1-signalling in astrocytes is a novel mediator of neurotoxic reactive astrocyte activation.  You will also determine whether IFNGR1-signalling specifically in reactive astrocytes accelerates the rate of neurodegeneration during CNS prion disease.  

Expertise in the following techniques is desirable, although excellent training opportunities will be provided where required: flow-cytometry, PCR, Western blotting, transcriptomics (single cell-seq), in vitro astrocyte culture, immunohistochemistry, bioimaging. 

Your skills and attributes for success: 

  • PhD in neurobiology/neuroscience/neuroimmunology or related subject
  • Experience in studying astrocyte biology using in vivo and/or in vitro models
  • Astrocyte biology expertise         
  • CNS prion disease/neurodegeneration expertise
  • Excellent communication skills

Futher Information

All applicants are encouraged to apply online. The application process is quick and easy to follow, and you will receive email confirmation of safe receipt of your application. Applications should be received by the closing date of 20 July 2021.

Further information and application