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Fellowships to develop the skills and experience required to be eligible for appointment to Group Leader.

Chancellor's Fellowships and Roslin Institute Fellowships (RIF) are time-limited development positions designed to offer postdocs the opportunity to develop the skills and experience required to  be  eligible for appointment to Group Leader within a set period of time.

The only difference between these roles are the way in which they are funded i.e. RIFs are funded by the Institute and Chancellor's Fellows are usually funded by the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Jeffrey Schoenebeck, Dr Emily Clark and Dr Musa Hassan are Chancellor's Fellows at the Roslin Institute. Dr Jo Stevens was a Roslin Institute Fellow at the time the video was made and is now a Group Leader at the Institute.

In these videos they tell us about these Fellowships, how they're helping them advance their career and the benefits of working at the Institute.

Dr Jo Stevens

Dr Jeffrey Schoenebeck

Dr Emily Clark

Dr Musa Hassan

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