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Unconscious bias awareness

A virtual workshop to teach staff how to make better decisions by overcoming prejudice.

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On 1 September 2020, our staff and students had access to two virtual workshops raising awareness of unconscious bias and develop ideas for actions to mitigate personal, manager and organisational bias in key processes.

The workshops were delivered by Dr Pete Jones, a chartered psychologist who specialises in unconscious bias.

The sessions were designed to offer a short introduction to the nature and impact of stereotypes people are not aware of holding, but which can blur their decisions about other people. 

Outlining the social scientific and neuroscience evidence underpinning unconscious bias, the session looked at the impact of bias on key processing, recruiting, work allocation, performance management, promotion, feedback, informal sponsorship and research funding.

The session concluded with research-led tips on mitigating our personal biases.

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