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Seven principles of relationship management

The first workshop of the new Breakthrough Enterprise programme taught attendees how to improve relationships.

Group exercises during the training session
Group exercises during the training session

Edinburgh Innovations, the Roslin Institute and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies held the first workshop of the new Breakthrough Enterprise programme on 27 September.

Mr Russell Wardrop, co-founder and chief executive of “Kissing with Confidence”, delivered an attractive and interactive workshop focusing on a range of essential communication skills and behaviours, from key emotional intelligence traits, to assertively following up and keeping your promises.

Attendees to the workshop learned (and practised) that relationship management is about much more than technical ability – it’s all about the emotional connection.

This workshop was the first of a series of Breakthrough interactive workshops. The programme addresses skills and techniques to support members of staff who are interested in translational research/commercial activity.

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