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Making the most of your postdoc

A workshop to help postdocs make proactive steps towards independence.

postdoc handbook
We launched the Postdoc Handbook at the 2018 edition of this workshop.

On 11 November 2019, we ran the workshop "Making the most of your postdoc".

The workshop was designed to help postdocs to stop, take stock and reflect on what they want from an independent research career, and try some tools and strategies that will help them to get there.

In this reflective workshop, staff thought about what a successful postdoc and becoming independent looks like: what is expected of them? What are they expecting of themselves over the time they spend as a contract researcher?

The day was the best opportunity for Roslin post to articulate what success looks like for them, benchmark their progress towards independence in research, and consider and plan some strategies to make progress towards independence.

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