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MultiMind Challenge

A six-week programme to address a real issue through design thinking and innovation.

Team using Design Thinking to solve a problem.
Design Thinking. Picture credit: UX Indonesia, via Unsplash.

Innovation is needed to find new ways to tackle increasingly complex global challenges. But how does it happen?

This six-week programme of weekly, 90-minute online sessions, will provide structured support for teams to learn new tools and how to apply them for tackling a challenge.

Members of Roslin staff taking part in the programme will use design thinking – a user-oriented approach with fast iterations among multidisciplinary teams to solve real-world problems.

Solutions need to be fit for purpose and that means involving those who will be affected in building them. This approach provides a shift in perspective and supports participants to become more innovative.

Real challenge

Participants will work collaboratively using design thinking, their skills and know-how to address a challenge set by the University of Edinburgh’s Large Animal and Imaging Research Facility (LARIF) at the Easter Bush campus.

The challenge is a genuine issue that the LARIF’s Farm Managers deal with on a daily basis. The programme will culminate in a pitch to them and invited industry personnel.

The programme starts on 27 April 2021 and is part of the wider BBSRC-sponsored Breakthrough programme.

On 31 March 2021, staff took part in an introductory session, run by Dr Joanne Haggerty of Skillfluence, where they could learn how design thinking can help enhance creativity, encourage experimentation, build teamwork, and contribute to career development.

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