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Introduction to public engagement

A series of training sessions to explore the motivations for engaging non-specialists with research.

Public engagement training at Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre
Public engagement training at Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre.

The Roslin Public Engagement team delivers 90-minute training sessions covering the what, why and how of public engagement with research.

The sessions are designed to get researchers thinking about their research message and potential audiences, and to inform them about how to get involved in public engagement at the Roslin Institute.   

The sessions are suitable for anyone new to public engagement or looking for a refresher.   

The first sessions were in June and July 2020 and attracted 29 members of staff and postgraduate students from the Institute.

The Institute takes part in a varied programme of public engagement and outreach events including the annual Campus Open Day, school visits and science festivals, as well as activities on Campus including hands-on learning programmes at the Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre and the annual Science Insights work experience programme.

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