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Emotional Intelligence

An interactive session about EQ is and its benefits

Emotional Intelligence

On 17 January, together with Edinburgh Innovations, we hosted a 90-minute taster session on emotional intelligence (EQ).

Emotional intelligence forms the basis upon which leaders interact with other people.

Many empirical studies show the significant impact which emotions have on how people perform tasks, how engaged and creative they are and how committed they are to their organisations.

Emotional intelligence can be improved during the course of a person’s adult life through training, education, and experience.

Joanne Spencer from Infinite You provided an interactive session to give a real flavour of what EQ is and the benefits it brings.

In the session, participants became aware of the scientific rigor behind EI and understood how emotions drive thought processes and decisions, and can sometimes limit thinking. Through a short case study they explored a valuable EI technique.

The session was part of the Breakthrough Enterprise programme of workshops.

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