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Ease the load

A workshop on how to deal with a busy life and complex workload.

Ease the load

Two two-hour workshops, which aimed to improve work-life balance by learning how to better manage a busy schedule and heavy workload, were hosted at the Roslin Institute on 19 November.

The workshops were delivered by David Longstaff from Positive People, a coaching and training business which aims to help busy professionals manage their workload and reclaim their personal life.

The two-hour workshops focussed on issues which commonly occur in the workplace, including an overloaded email inbox, work encroaching on personal lives and lengthy to-do lists.

Participants of the workshops learned how best to tackle these issues and more by applying management and organisational skills to be more efficient, more in control and more confident when tackling their workload – not to mention achieving a ‘zero email’ inbox.

Busy professionals comment that it’s getting harder to stay on top of, rather than feeling buried by, an increasingly complex workload. This is having a significant effect on their job satisfaction and ability to deliver required results.

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