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Consultancy: how can I benefit from it?

A drop-in session to discuss how to make expertise available to external organisations

On 16 November, our staff and students had the opportunity to join Edinburgh Innovations in a live Q&A session to help explain how to get involved in consultancy, and what benefits consultancy services can bring to them and their research groups.

Consultancy is one of the key mechanisms through which the University of Edinburgh transfers knowledge and delivers impact and provides services to industry. A dedicated team actively promotes the expertise available from the University and can help with sourcing consultancy opportunities to raise the profile of academics.

The session covered aspects such as what consultancy is, its benefits, how researchers can engage in consultancy, and support available for staff.

The audience could discuss what consultancy is, how to engage and benefit from consultancy activities, and any other questions they had.

The session was presented by Monica Dearden, Consultancy Manager at Edinburgh Innovations.

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