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Coaching through Covid

A programme to help staff develop and engage in leadership, while enhancing their wellbeing.

This programme is designed to create ways to support Roslin staff who would like to bring about a positive change in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Group discussions and one-to-one sessions will provide staff with a confidential space for deep personal reflection, the opportunity to build group support, and to co-create ways to overcome personal, institutional and societal challenges.

The six-month programme, from January to June 2021, will include a one-day foundation workshop, five one-to-one coaching sessions for each participant, and three group work sessions.

Impact of the pandemic

The Institute recognises the pressures, both academically and personally, which staff might have experienced during the intense period of change brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For example, staff might have taken on new or different caring responsibilities, had their work-life balance impacted, experienced challenges adapting to new online working practices, or had less capacity to engage with research.

The pandemic is impacting disproportionately on Black, Asian and minority ethnic members of our community. Additionally, surveys show that female scientists, especially those in the bench sciences and with younger children, have had less time to devote to research during the pandemic.

Changes in our working patterns and the way we are delivering our work has resulted in additional pressure, which could affect career development.

This bespoke personal development programme aims to address these concerns. It has been devised by the Roslin Career Development Committee, in collaboration with the social enterprise Presence in Action Collective.

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