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Recent workshops and events for career development on the campus.

Roslin staff are regularly offered training opportunities and events important for career development. For other training opportunities offered by the University of Edinburgh please visit our Learning & Development pages.

Challenges, innovation and careers in the poultry sector

Ideas 2 Impact - seminar
A seminar and Q&A session on the journey of translating innovative research.

Science and ethics through film

Science film workshop
A workshop series to reflect on scientific advances and ethical issues.

Managing teams and collaborations

Word team held by toys
A course to work towards creating meaningful connections and drive innovation.

Being a self-advocate

Person sitting alone at desk
An online workshop on tackling difficult situations and speaking up for oneself.

Strategy and vision for Early Career Researchers

Person looking at board hanging several papers
A workshop to reflect on own research career.

Careers beyond Academia

Road Sign
Experiences about moving from academic research to Industry.

Career paths of women in science

Sharing experiences about a range of career options.

Giving effective feedback

Ease the load
A training workshop to consider and provide better feedback.

MultiMind Challenge

Team using Design Thinking to solve a problem.
A six-week programme to address a real issue through design thinking and innovation.

Introduction to public engagement

Public engagement training at Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre
A series of training sessions to explore the motivations for engaging non-specialists with research.

Coaching through Covid

Laptop showing group video call
A programme to help staff develop and engage in leadership, while enhancing their wellbeing.

Consultancy: how can I benefit from it?

A drop-in session to discuss how to make expertise available to external organisations

Eureka! I have an invention… now what?

A drop-in session to explain intellectual property

Unconscious bias awareness

A virtual workshop to teach staff how to make better decisions by overcoming prejudice.

Mental health and home working

Person working from home
A webinar on keeping a healthy mind while working from home.

Translational research

A workshop to learn what translating research into practice is and its benefits.

Understanding paternal mental health

Father with son in the woods
A workshop to help fathers make a big impact from small changes.

The secret lives of working dads

A workshop to explore barriers and enablers of balancing work and home commitments.

Team dynamics

A workshop to learn about team dynamics and what makes teams really work, or not…

BBSRC translational funding

A seminar to learn about a funding scheme that supports the translation of research into practical application.

Managing work/life balance

IWD Speakers
An ultrarunner and the head of research at a fathers network discuss how to balance work and life as parents.

Marketing: Strategy & tactics for success

Woman and laptop
A session on digital thinking to support projects and new business ideas.

Marketing: Why is it important to me?

Marketing Graph
An introduction to marketing, managing data and developing a brand

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
An interactive session about EQ is and its benefits

Ease the load

Ease the load
A workshop on how to deal with a busy life and complex workload.

Getting what you want from your career

Generating/researching career ideas
Understanding what we want from our careers.

Making the most of your postdoc

A workshop to help postdocs make proactive steps towards independence.

Converge Challenge

Breakthrough EdWeb
An information session and 1-2-1s on a prize fund aimed at creating a new generation of entrepreneurs.

What is REF and what does it mean for me?

REF Logo
A session for staff to clarify the Research Excellence Framework process.

Support for translational research

Breakthrough EdWeb
A session about translational research and where to get funding for new ideas.

ERAMUS+ for staff

Go Abroad logo
An info session on grant opportunities for collaboration, teaching, and training abroad.

Seven principles of relationship management

Breakthrough EdWeb
The first workshop of the new Breakthrough Enterprise programme taught attendees how to improve relationships.

Queering science: the importance of LGBTQ+diversity

Issues, challenges and advice on how to make the workplace more inclusive for queer members of staff.

Collaboration & careers with Industry

A showcase of most tenant companies at Roslin Innovation Centre.

Careers beyond academic research (2)

Former Roslin researchers tell us about becoming a Scientific Curator and a Patent Attorney.

Focus, plan, attack!

A training course giving tips on how to be productive without stress.

Coaching for Success

Career coaching instructors with Roslin Director Professor Eleanor Riley.
An annual programme to learn about coaching and its potential for staff management.

Digital Footprint training

Dr Louise Connelly on creating an effective online presence for research & impact.
Creating an effective online presence for research & impact.

Enterprise drop-in and info sessions

Edinburgh Innovations sessions
A free enterprise service for University of Edinburgh students and staff run by Edinburgh Innovations.

International Women’s Day seminar

IWD Speakers – Seminar guest speakers and chair.
Inspiring talks on the career path to professorship and public engagement with science in Africa.

Work/Life balance coffee & cake Q&A session

Managing and balancing work as group leaders and life as parents.

Grant writing course

Learning how to write grant applications.
Learning how to write grant applications.

Mini-symposium on BBSRC Discovery Fellowships

A mini-symposium to highlight the BBSRC Discovery Fellowships.

Visit by the Digital Skills Team

Access to learning the latest technology, digital, creative, and business skills.

Principal's medal at graduation ceremony

Roslin team received a Principal's medal for their work in supporting gender equality.

Careers outside academia

A series of talks from recent Roslin researchers who moved on to careers outside academic research.

JoVE for science education

A training session on this Science Education Library.

Making the most of your Postdoc

A workshop to help postdocs make proactive steps towards independence.

Workshop on financial aspects of grant applications

A workshop focused on financial aspects of grant applications.

Annie Fenwicke from Science in Australia Gender Equity

Sharing experiences with Annie Fenwicke on our equality & diversity efforts.

How to design a conference poster

A 3-hour course to equip participants to play an active role in the design of their conference posters.

Kat Arney on telling stories about science

Seminar by award-winning science writer and broadcaster Kat Arney.

Meeting with the Minister of Science and Sport in Canada

Discussing our Athena SWAN work with Kirsty Duncan MP.

Unconscious Bias Workshop 2018

A 3-hour workshop to help us to make better decisions and prevent bias.

BBSRC Response Mode Q&A

A Q&A session about the BBSRC Response Mode call with Professor Nicola Gray.

Celebratory dinner to recognise our Athena SWAN award

A dinner to celebrate our Athena SWAN Gold award.

Update on BBSRC-UKRI

Professor Melanie Welham's update on the recently launched UK Research and Innovation.

Women STEM students visit to the Institute

Women STEM students from across Scotland gained insight into what a career in research looks like.

BBSRC Fellowship Workshop

A workshop to prepare for the calls for the BBSRC Discovery and David Phillips Fellowship programmes.

Creating an effective online presence for research & impact

The workshop highlighted the importance and potential risks of having a visible online presence and offered advice on managing social media platforms and creating a social media strategy.

International Women’s Day

An Athena SWAN Gold Award cake and a video to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Royal Society of Biology & Genetics Society

An opportunity to learn more about the Royal Society of Biology and the Genetics Society

Grant Writing course

A course to help academics to develop the skills and insights they needed to write better research grant applications.

BBSRC response mode grant application Q&A

The Career Development Committee hosted a BBSRC response mode grant application Q&A workshop full of useful grant application tips for our scientists.

Publish or perish: ethical issues facing researchers

The programme addressed ethical issues from study design to publication and was aimed at postgraduate students and early career researchers.

Unconscious Bias Workshop 2017

This workshop was an opportunity to raise awareness of unconscious bias and to develop ideas for research led actions to mitigate bias in key people processes.

Pathways to Professor

Four speakers describe their route to becoming a professor and what is expected from them.