Ruminant functional genomics


Students in the ruminant functional genomics lab past and present

charity muriuki in lab

Ms Charity Muriuki - Newton Fund Kenya PhD Student

Charity came to The Roslin Institute in 2015. She originally joined David Hume's research group where she began her PhD project building a 'mini-atlas' of gene expression for goats. She is now co-supervised by Emily and David in the final stages of writing up her thesis. Charity joined us from ILRI in Nairobi Kenya where she was working as a research assistant studying East Coast Fever in cattle. Through her PhD studies she has developed her molecular biology skills as well as learning to analyse large gene expression datasets. One of her main focuses was to understand the transcriptional control of innate immunity in goats.

Dr Mary McCulloch (alumni)

Mary completed her PhD working on the sheep gene expression atlas dataset in 2018. She generated the time course of bone marrow derived macrophages stimulated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) to mimic infection by gram-negative bacteria. Analysing this dataset, using bioinformatics, was the main focus of her PhD. She was supervised by Professor David Hume, Professor Kim Summers and Dr James Prendergast. Mary's expertise as a vet and knowledge of anatomy were also very important in delivering the sheep gene expression atlas and she was a key member of the team. She is currently analysing allele-specific expression in the LPS time course data.