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Mazdak Salavati DVM PhD AFHEA

After graduating as a veterinarian with a keen interest in livestock data and herd health management, I obtained my PhD in biomedical sciences by 2013 in the UK. I started to work as a postdoctoral researcher at The Royal Veterinary College from 2013-2018 in molecular biology and bioinformatics.  During this time I worked with variety of livestock genomics research groups across Europe and United States as one of the bioinformaticians of the Genotype plus Environment constirum. I am currently working as the core scientist within the ruminants functional genomics lab  with a focus on projects running as part of  the Centre of Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health and the Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes project.  I have a vested interest in functional programming in R and bash scripting for developing analytical pipelines. My research interests could be summarised as following: 

  • Transcriptomics and allele specific expression profiling

  • Multidimensional data analytics (singular value decomposition)

  • livestock informatics and BigData visualisations

  • Distributed computing (High performance computing) 


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