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Resources for genotyping

New genotyping tools enable selection for desirable traits in chickens, salmon, pigs and cattle.


The Roslin Institute has been at the forefront of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping tools for farmed animals that have enabled genomic selection for desirable traits. These tools sample genetic variation at thousands of positions in the genome and have been widely used in genome-wide association studies to identify regions of animal genomes that are associated with traits of interest.

Recent examples include high density SNP arrays for chickens1 and Atlantic salmon2, but Roslin has also made major contributions to similar tools for cattle and pigs.

Researchers at Roslin are leading the application of whole-genome sequence information in animal breeding, with large industry-linked projects to sequence hundreds-of-thousands of pigs and broilers, and linking variation to rich phenotype records.

Original Publications

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