Control of Infectious Diseases
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Host responses underlying immunity

This theme aims to identify host responses underlying immunity, both following natural infections and vaccination.

Researchers at The Roslin Institute are using this knowledge to develop vaccines that elicit lasting cross-protection as well as strategies to improve their delivery and efficacy. This work requires the development of tools and methods to interrogate immune responses in livestock, which can be very different to those evolved in humans and rodents. 

Research Highlights

Examples of previous and current work in this area:

Improving vaccine-induced responses in cattle

A brown cow close up
A novel surgical model allows scientists to study bovine immune responses in situ.

Visualising the chicken immune system at work

MAG AcLDL DIL 6_c1+2
Chickens myeloid cells expressing fluorescent proteins shed light on how the avian immune system develops and responds to infection.

International Veterinary Vaccinology Network

Researchers from The Roslin Institute and Pirbright Institute lead a newly funded network to develop livestock vaccines.