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Infection and Immunity

Infection & Immunity researchers aim to understand the interplay between host and pathogen and translate this knowledge into the prevention and treatment of endemic and zoonotic bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases.

Our work covers a broad variety of host species, pathogens and experimental approaches, with dual focuses on the pathogen itself but also the host, including the underlying genetics that dictate the response to infection. We study the genetics, epidemiology, replication, pathogenesis and host response to infection with endemic bacteria, parasites and viruses, in temperate and tropical climates. Collectively, our goal is to reduce the burden of disease and thereby improve food security, animal welfare and human health.

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Bacterial diseases of economic and societal importance.


Understanding immunity and host-pathogen interactions to aid vaccination and genetic control strategies.


Ankole-Watusi cows
Controlling diseases that restrict agriculture in developing countries.


Viral diseases of economic and societal importance.

Prion Research and Neuropathology

PrP deposition in brain (cropped)
Prion diseases of economic and societal importance.