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Functional Genetics and Development

Investigating the mechanisms and control of animal growth and development.

The Division of Functional Genetics and Development investigates the mechanisms and control of animal growth and development, from the molecular to the whole organism level.

Our work focusses on the regulation of stem and progenitor cells, embryo patterning, tissue and organ development and tissue damage and repair. We are applying our understanding of reproduction and embryo development of farm animal species to genetic manipulation of livestock.

The research of Functional Genetics and Development contributes to advances in frontier bioscience underpinning both human and animal health and to understanding the development and growth of model and farm animal species.

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Genome engineering technologies

Developing genome engineering technologies

Development and disease

Understanding development and disease
Studying tissues and organs in development and disease

Chicken embryology and vertebrate development

chicken embriology
Using the chicken embryo as a model system for investigating the development of higher vertebrates

Improving animal welfare and production traits

Enhancing the well-being, resilience and productivity of livestock