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Current Studentship Vacancies

TitleClosing Date
Animal source food safety risks along the livestock value chain in Ethiopia10 January 2020
Discovering and imaging new pathways underpinning cardiovascular calcification 10 January 2020
Genetics to inform native oyster restoration projects and aquaculture practices10 January 2020
Profiling of Immune Cells in Dog Cancer10 January 2020
Time to hatch and feed: Neuroendocrine mechanisms underpinning appetite in birds10 January 2020
Conservation of genomic features during evolution10 January 2020
How genome composition of a virus impacts virus-host interaction10 January 2020
Gene editing for resistance to Foot and Mouth Disease Virus using genome wide CRISPR Cas9 screens10 January 2020
Genomic epidemiology of bovine mastitis pathogens10 January 2020
Using machine learning to predict which genome differences drive disease10 January 2020
Host-pathogen interaction studies of hepatitis E virus10 January 2020
Optimising genomic selection for aquaculture breeding programs in small-scale operations and developing countries10 January 2020
Tuberculosis in cats and dogs: the development of multi-parametric measurements of the immune response and direct identification of pathogens involved, to improve the understanding and diagnosis of this clinically important and zoonotic disease10 January 2020
Gene drives for controlling the invasive Grey Squirrel in the UK 10 January 2020
Apoptosis and senescene in the contol of mitral valve interstitial cell persistence 10 January 2020
Fine-tuning of biomineralisation: Understanding the initiation and promotion of collagen fibril mineralisation10 January 2020
The molecular basis of bovine contagious pleuropneumonia (CBPP) pathogenesis in young and adult cattle10 January 2020
Genetic selection of cattle for reduced bovine Tuberculosis transmission10 January 2020
Ocular Tuberculosis: A One Health Multiparameter Approach to Diagnosis 10 January 2020
Nitrogen management for South Asia10 January 2020
Genome editing to improve genetic resistance to Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis virus in rainbow trout 10 January 2020
Distribution, demography and disease status of cryptic marine mammals: Combining marine strandings with genomic data to inform conservation management10 January 2020
Evaluating sustainable dietary transitions in Brazil10 January 2020
Functional role of transcript diversity in salmon immunity: development of full-length RNA sequencing 10 January 2020
Application of genomics to characterise environmental adaptation in farmed fish10 January 2020
Bacterial drivers of host adaptation in group B Streptococcus: defining bacterial effetors of pathogenesis 10 January 2020
Investigation of the 'nemabiomes' and 'multiplicity of infection' of gastrointestinal nematode co-infections to inform sustainable human and livestock parasite control10 January 2020
An investigation into the occurance and impact of Mycobaterium orygis in the greater one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal10 January 2020
Dissection of host gene regulation during infection by an intracellular pathogen. 10 January 2020
Creation and characterisation of tumour organoids for better understanding of canine cancer microenvironment and personalised approach to patients' cancer care. 10 January 2020
Enhanced surveillance for foot-and-mouth disease using field-based viral sequencing 10 January 2020
Directed differentiation of avian germ cells towards defined cell lineages to investigate gene function10 January 2020
A time-resolved analysis of the molecular events underlying bovine innate immune activation: Insights from bovine macrophage response to Mycobacterium bovis10 January 2020
Assessment of diet, gut microbiome, and plant detoxification in roe deer as a tool for forest management09 January 2020
Conservation genomic management for endangered species breeding programmes 09 January 2020
African buffalo population genomics: understanding diversity and its drivers 09 January 2020
Gene by air pollution interactions in human wellbeing and health09 January 2020
Modelling the agriculture-deforestation interface in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado biomes09 January 2020
The right to food and nutrition: A case-study of legal, political and cultural practices impacting mid-day school meals in India09 January 2020
Soil carbon under agroforestry 09 January 2020
Valuing Ecosystem Services produced by the Colombian Paramos 09 January 2020
EASTBIO: Optimizing surveillance under limited resources, a travelling salesman problem05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Dark matter in the microbiome, assembling eukaryotic genomes from large metagenomic datasets05 January 2020
EASTBIO: The epidemiology of bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) in the Tanzanian small holder dairy sector05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genome editing for resistance to white spot syndrome virus in whiteleg shrimp05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Time to hatch and feed: Neuroendocrine mechanisms underpinning appetite in birds05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Rapid mobile diagnostics for zoonotic pathogens in LMICs05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Exploring the multilayer world: application of multilayer network analysis for livestock disease surveillance and control05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Optimising breeding strategies in aquaculture using molecular marker information05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Modelling bovine tuberculosis infection in stem cell-derived macrophages05 January 2020
EASTBIO Role of metabolism-related islets in Salmonella pathogenesis05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Single cell analysis of invasion and establishment in the intracellular pathogen Theileria annulata05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Mapping disease genes in endangered cattle breeds05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genomic epidemiology of bovine mastitis pathogens05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Developing Ovine Immune Omics for sheep genomic improvement05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Functional role of transcript diversity in salmon immunity: development of full-length RNA sequencing 05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genetic dissection of individual health trajectories and their role in disease transmission05 January 2020
EASTBIO: The role and optimisation of the microbiome in molluscan larval development05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Haplotype evaluation of key regions of the ovine genome involved in variation in response to infection and vaccination using long read single molecule sequencing technologies05 January 2020
EASTBIO The chicken or the egg; unravelling immunological mechanisms of in ovo vaccination05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Intracellular persistence as a mechanism of immune evasion by Streptococcus agalactiae 05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Artificial Intelligence Mediated Discovery and Bio-validation of novel regulators of nervous system stability05 January 2020
EASTBIO: A novel stem cell-based platform to compare ASFV resistance and resilience in domestic and wild pigs05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Influence of systemic inflammation on neurodegeneration during CNS prion disease05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Environmental and genetic risks for disease over the lifecourse of a canine cohort study05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Uncovering the basis of hair shape variation and evolution05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Genomic features recruiting repressive polycomb group (PcG) complexes during evolution05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Fine tuning of the biomineralisation process: Deciphering the myriad of regulatory procedures05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Rapid mobile sequencing and bioinformatics for transboundary diseases05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Efficient and Sustainable Genomic Breeding in Turkeys05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Design of breeding programs to improve honeybee health and production05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Using ribosome profiling to identify novel mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of bovine tuberculosis05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Understanding the role of the gut microbiome in chickens under feed restriction and its interplay with the host transcriptional response to nutritional stress05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Identification of interferon stimulated genes that restrict cross-species transmission of influenza A virus05 January 2020
EASTBIO: Functional studies of T cell-mediated immunity in birds05 January 2020