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Chicken Embryology Vertebrate Development

Our Staff

Group Leaders

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Research Interests
Dr Mike Clinton Group Leader/Senior Research Fellow

Molecular control of sex determination and gonadal development. Mechanisms underlying sexual dimorphisms in birds. Micro-RNA regulation of cell and tissue differentiation.

Dr Megan Davey Group Leader

Our current projects include:

  • The embryological origin of radial aplasia
  • Fate mapping the limb bud and the control of co-ordinated development of limb anatomy
  • Developing novel avian transgenic tools for developmental biology
  • The evolution of limb pattern in birds
  • The function of TALPID3
Dr Denis Headon Group Leader/Senior Research Fellow

Development, maintenance and repair of the skin and its appendages.

Dr Mike McGrew Senior Lecturer

Biobanking and genome editing of avian germ cells


Associate Scientist

Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Research Interests
Dr Joe Rainger Roslin Research Fellow


Name (sorted in ascending order) Role Research Interests
Dr Adam Balic Roslin Research Fellow

Defining the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underpin lymphoid organ development in chickens. Developing and exploiting novel gene transfer and editing technologies in order to visualise and manipulate specific chicken immune cell populations.