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An archive of past events.

Industry-focused Research Events

Annually, The Roslin Institute hosts free themed industry days to encourage interactions.

Workshop: Large animal models and imaging in biomedical research

1Oct - imaging
A workshop for scientists and clinicians interested in using large animal models for biomedical research.

Gordon Lawson Memorial Symposium

We are organising the first International conference on Lawsonia intracellularis.

Maximising Live Lambs 2019

Increasing live lambs has been the challenge set to seven focus farmers over the last three years with support from SAC Consulting advisors and SRUC researchers and vets. 

Inaugural lecture: Integrative breeding to meet global demand for food, fuel and fibre

Professor John Hickey, Chair of Animal Breeding, The Roslin Institute

EBRC Seminar: Title TBC (2)

Professor Camilla Toulmin, International Institute for Environment & Development

Future outlook for genetic improvement in aquaculture

One-day symposium on the application of genetic technologies for the improvement of aquaculture.

EBRC Seminar: Title TBC

Professor Christa Kühn, Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology (FBN)

Forgotten Foods To Feed The Future

The Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security Seminar

What Mass Spectrometry Can Do For You

Sign up to this symposium to find out where, who and how mass spectrometry can help your research, by hearing case studies and meeting the experts.

International Women's Day seminar

A lunch-time seminar to celebrate International Women's Day.

Inaugural lecture: Thought for food - Food for thought?

Geoff Simm, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Infectious Disease Diagnosis Symposium

Novel developments and new approaches in infectious disease.

It's a Dogslife - using the web to understand dogs' health over their lifetime

An interesting lecture about dogs's health, preceded by a tour of the Institute.

RSB Symposium on Genome Editing/CRISPR

Royal Society of Biology in Scotland is hosting a Symposium on Genome Editing/CRISPR at the Institute.

Let's Talk About Health: Moving towards rabies elimination in Africa and Asia

Richard Mellanby, Stella Mazeri, Clinical Veterinary Research

Veterinary Ethics & Welfare Conference

The 2018 Conference will tackle topics like puppy farming, the ethics of ECC and life-saving interventions, ethical farming, equine welfare, the ethics of zoological medicine, farm animal welfare, and hot topics in veterinary medicine.

Infrared Thermography Workshop

Using TI in the study of animal emotions, physiology and health.

Symposium in honour of Robin Thompson

A symposium that highlighted some of Robin Thompson's contributions to statistics, quantitative genetics, animal and plant breeding and human genetics and celebrated his degree of Doctor Honoris Causa.

EBRC Seminar: Multi-scale approaches to understand complex phenotypes

Dr Mario Recker, Centre for Mathematics and the Environment , Exeter University

EBRC Seminar: What can ethics do for you? Facilitating Ethical Reflection in Veterinary and Biosciences Research

Dr Kate Millar, Director of the Centre for Applied Bioethics at Nottingham University

EBRC Seminar: Post-transcriptional control by RNA-binding proteins: Phenotypes and mechanisms

Professor Nicola Gray, MRC Centre for Reproductive Health, University of Edinburgh

EBRC Seminar: Looking, counting and cleaning with CRISPR: new tools to tackle brain cancer

Professor Steven Pollard, MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh

European Veterinary Vaccinology Workshop 2018

A workshop to provide integrated and up-to-date knowledge on the challenges facing the development of effective veterinary vaccines.

EBRC Seminar: Mechanisms regulating neural differentiation

Professor Kate Storey, University of Dundee

Big Data in Agriculture

The committee of the Big Data in Agriculture Symposium invites plant, animal and biostatistics researchers to Edinburgh for a collaborative conference focusing on the use of large scale data resources for agricultural solutions.

EBRC Seminar: Microbial glycobiology at the host-pathogen interface

Dr Graham Stafford, School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield

EBRC Seminar: Enhancing memory formation in Lymnaea by fear, green tea and chocolate

Dr Ken Lukowiak, The Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary

EBRC Seminar: A-Z of Microcephaly

Professor Andrew Jackson, MRC Human Genetics Unit, IGMM

EBRC Seminar: Malaria, neutrophils and invasive bacterial disease

Professor Eleanor Riley, Director of The Roslin Institute

GAAFS Seminar: How technology innovations can help deliver a global food system based on integrity

Professor Chris Elliott, OBE - Pro Vice Chancellor Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences & Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast

EBRC Seminar: Two transmissible cancers in Tasmanian devils

Dr Elizabeth Murchison, University of Cambridge

EBRC Seminar: The genome history and landscape of African indigenous livestock

Professor Oliver Hanotte, University of Nottingham/ILRI Ethiopia

EBRC Seminar: Survival of the fittest – does that mean the animal with the best welfare

Professor Linda Keeling, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

EBRC Seminar: Sequencing direct RNA-DNA interactions

Dr Alessandro Bonetti, Karolinksa Institute

EBRC Seminar: Single Cell and Epigenetic Studies in Cellular Ageing

Dr Tamir Chandra, IGMM, MRC Human Genetics Unit

Symposium on African Livestock Trypanosomes

The Symposium on African Livestock Trypanosomes will be an informal meeting aimed at researchers currently active in or interested in studying the biology of these important pathogens.

Influenza Update Meeting

Tues 21st Nov (afternoon) - Weds 22nd Nov (morning), 2017

Inaugural lecture: From cells to Clydesdales - a romp around the veterinary profession

Elspeth Milne, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

(Epi)genetic regulation of hemoglobin switching

Professor Sjaak Philipsen, PhD, Molecular control of erythropoiesis, Cell Biology

EBRC Seminar: Autophagy in healthy immune responses

Katja Simon, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford

Roslin Supplier Fair

The annual Lab Supplier fair will take place on the 31st October. Over 40 companies will be showcasing their latest research products and services. Come along and find out how they can meet your research needs.

Inaugural lecture: Confronting the microbial menace in our food

Mark Stevens, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

RSB Scotland Symposium on Parasite Diversity and AGM

Royal Society of Biology in Scotland is hosting a Symposium on Exploring Parasite Diversity.

EBRC Seminar: Can an old dog teach us new tricks?

Giles Yeo, University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Labs

Animal Welfare Day

Celebrating success in animal welfare research.

Veterinary Ethics and Welfare Conference

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies is ready to tackle this issue head-on and will be hosting a Veterinary Ethics and Welfare Conference this fall.

Symposium for Whole-Genome Sequencing

In collaboration with Illumina.

EBRC Seminar: Mechanics in endosome function and liver regeneration

Marino Zerial, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany

EBRC Seminar: The World according to NARF

Dr Kellie Watson, Roslin Institute

Short Course in Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics

Short Course in Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics

Genetic Engineering in Food and Agriculture - What's Happening and Why?

Genetic Engineering in Food and Agriculture - What's Happening and Why?

Stress, steroids and sweet roots: a story of steroid metabolism

Professor Karen Chapman, University of Edinburgh

Genome-wide association studies in bacteria

Professor Sam Sheppard, Swansea University, UK

Visualising epigenetic changes

Professor Amanda Fisher, Imperial College London, UK

Genetics, diversity and control of poultry coccidiosis

Professor Fiona Tomley, Royal Veterinary College, Hertfordshire, UK