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Covid-19 tracker helps visualise cases in Scotland

An online platform developed by Roslin scientists tracks the progress of Covid-19 across Scotland.

Graph with the development of the number of Covid-19 cases by region in Scotland
The dashboard shows the development in the number of Covid-19 cases in each region in Scotland.

A dashboard pulling together data from several sources on the Covid-19 outbreak in Scotland provides a picture of how the situation is developing.

The data, updated daily and including the number of cases, deaths and tests performed, is presented as a series of graphs.

The Scottish Government Covid-19 Advisory Group receives this information, as the dashboard feeds into the group’s daily reports. 

Data on the global trajectory of the pandemic is also available.

The dashboard has been put together by the Epidemiology, Economics and Risk Assessment research group (EERA) at the Roslin Institute, using data gathered by Ian Watt of the Open Data Institute in Aberdeen and Chief Executive Officer of Code the City.

Ian Watt has been collating the data provided by the Scottish Government. Our team is using the data to build visualisations that make it easier to see how the epidemic is progressing in different health boards across Scotland, as well as comparing with the other regions of the UK and globally. We have made the source code available and it is already being used by other groups.

Professor Mark Bronsvoort, Personal Chair of Veterinary Epidemiology, the Roslin Institute

** The Roslin Institute receives strategic investment funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and it is part of the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. **

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