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Livestock research focus at international event

Scientists, industry representatives and policymakers meet to define research priorities in livestock production.

Livestock (Cows)
Participants will review current and future trends in livestock production. (C) Pirbright Institute

The role of livestock in food production amid a rapidly changing global environment is to be explored at a forthcoming workshop.

Drivers for change in agricultural systems – such as the economy, society and environmental concerns – will be among the topics discussed by experts from research, industry and policymaking at the event.

New breeding tools and other technologies enabling efficient production and animal health and welfare will also be in the spotlight at the workshop, entitled ‘The future role of livestock in food production’, at the Roslin Institute on 11-12 November.

Changing influences

International speakers will join researchers from institutes funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council to share emerging science and identify opportunities for further research.

Participants, including funders and representatives from the animal breeding communities, will also consider shifts in the perspectives of farmers and consumers.

Developments in food

Workshop participants will also look towards the future of food production, such as how technologies, including genome editing, can influence new developments.

Animal health, welfare and nutrition will come under the spotlight in discussions spanning diagnostics and vaccination, applying data science to disease control, and how to manage productive and healthy animals.

International experts and representatives from industry will meet along with funders and policymakers to review current and future trends in livestock production. We will consider challenges shaped by climate, disease, society, politics and the economy, to identify priorities for multi-disciplinary research and to enable policymaking based on evidence.

Professor Andrea Doeschl-WilsonPersonal Chair in Infectious Disease Genetics and Modelling, Roslin Institute

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