National Avian Research Facility
National Avian Research Facility

Avian Research Symposium 2023


Day 1 - Tuesday 7th March

Session 1 - Chair: Professor Simone Meddle

Time (GMT) Presenter



Mark Emerson

The City College of New York,

City University of New York, USA


Keynote: Illumination of chick photoreceptor formation through cis-regulation


1:30pm Hyungwook Kang University of Edinburgh and SRUC, UK

Using a live vaccine as a model for respiratory disease in hens: inducing clinical symptoms 


Fiona A Sargison


Oxford University, UK

Genome-scale identification of Staphylococcus aureus determinants of avian host interactions


Andrew Mason

University of York, UK

Avian Leukosis Virus subgroup K originated from a globally widespread endogenous retrovirus

2:15pm Mekhla Rudra Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence, Germany

Testosterone-dependent androgen receptor signaling in socio-sexual and vocal behaviours of domestic chicken


Matthew J Craven


Newcastle University, UK

Does complexity of aviary design affect hippocampal plasticity in laying hens?

2:25pm Sarah Struthers The Roslin Institute, UK

Determining the optimal beak morphology for reducing damage related to feather pecking in commercial laying hens

2:30pm Emma Armstrong The Roslin Institute, UK

The immunological mechanisms of in ovo vaccination


Session 2 - Chair: Dr Kate Sutton

Time (GMT) Presenter Affiliation Title

Niki Vontzou

University of East Anglia, UK

Interrogating the function of the avian germline-restricted chromosome


Ramya Ranganathan

King's College London, UK       

Identification of novel candidates for BOR syndrome


Wan Chen

Moredun Research Institute, UK

A gene knockdown approach to the control of the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae

3:45pm Vincent Saint-Martin INRAE, Nouzilly, France

Uncovering the core principles of the gut lung-axis to understand microbiota-mucosal immunity relationships in the chicken


Teresa Requena

The Roslin Institute, UK

Netrin-1 gene-edited chicken lines: a new genetic toolkit to understand tissue fusion development

4:15pm Gauthier Toulouse

Université Claude Bernard Lyon I,

NeuroMyoGene Institute, France       

Evo-devo of epaxial musculature



4:45-5:30pm Networking sessions    

Day 2 - Wednesday 8th March

Session 3 - Chair: Dr Jacqueline Smith

Time (GMT) Presenter Affiliation Title

Paul Wigley

The University of Bristol, UK

Keynote: Welcome to the jungle (fowl): the complex relationship between foodborne bacterial pathogens and the intestinal microbiome of the chicken and how we can exploit this


1:30pm Maëva Luxey University of Basel, Switzerland

Development, plasticity and evolution of the neuromuscular system in tetrapod limbs

1:45pm Emőke Szőcs

Semmelweis University, Hungary

Detailed characterization of developing bursa of Fabricius reveals a novel lymphoid follicle inducer cell type


Jim Kaufman

University of Edinburgh, UK

600 alleles and 200 haplotypes identified for the chicken MHC


Dominika Borowska

The Roslin Institute, UK

Broiler and layer enteroids single-cell transcriptomic atlas


Talk cancelled



2:25pm Karina Santiago Gonzalez Newcastle University, UK 

Hippocampal immediate-early gene induction and HPA-axis activation in response to acute stress in chickens

2:30pm Alexandre Thiery King’s College London, UK

A gradient border model for cell fate decisions at the neural plate border


Session 4 - Chair: Dr Rute Pinto

Time (GMT) Presenter Affiliation Title
3:00pm Celeste Nelson Princeton University, USA

How to breathe like a bird? An evo/devo analysis of the lung

3:15pm Tom Smulders Newcastle University, UK

Desynchronization of local brain waves during high alertness situations in broiler chickens

3:30pm Ádám Soós Semmelweis University, Hungary

Tenascin-c regulates b-cell migration in developing avian bursa of fabricius


Brian Ferguson

University of Cambridge, UK

Innate immune sensing of DNA and DNA viruses in chickens

4:00pm Fiona Murphy University of Strathclyde, UK

Evaluating the chick Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) model for hazard assessment of High Aspect Ratio Nanomaterials

4:15pm Alexandra K. Eicher Harvard University, USA

Cellular migration and control of vertebrate embryo axis elongation



4:45-5:30pm Networking sessions    

Day 3 - Thursday 9th March

Session 5 - Chair: Dr Joe Rainger

Time (GMT) Presenter Affiliation Title

Jacqueline Smith

The Roslin Institute, UK

Keynote: The avian genome: the current state of play

1:30pm Md Ataul Goni Rabbani The Roslin Institute, UK

Application of genome-wide molecular approaches to understand genetic makeup (economic traits) of native chicken in Bangladesh

1:45pm Kate Sutton The Roslin Institute, UK

Differential innate immune responses of chicken 3d and 2d enteroids to salmonella typhimurium infection

2:00pm Brian Ho Ching Chan The Roslin Institute, UK

Mind the Gap – Delineating the gene regulatory networks of optic fissure closure

2:15pm Katalin Foldes The Pirbright Institute, UK

Disruption of the s2m RNA structure in the avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus results in reduced clinical disease during in vivo infection

2:20pm Vedant Chaure Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), India

Cross talk between signalling and glycolytic gene gradients during the chicken embryonic limb development

2:25pm Sarah E Barnett University of Liverpool, UK

Chick embryo xenografts: a cost and time efficient 3Rs models for drug target evaluation in malignant pleural mesothelioma

2:30pm Eva Hamrud King's College London, UK

Investigating cell fate decisions at the neural plate border


Session 6 - Chair: Dr Megan Davey

Time (GMT) Presenter Affiliation Title
3:00pm Thu-Dung (Daisy) Doan

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Signal sequence contributes to the immunogenicity of Pasteurella multocida lipoprotein E

3:15pm Izel Cohen Volcani Center/Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Rescuing the scaleless chicken phenotype: repairing of FGF20 mutation through gene editing


Maisarah B. M. Maidin

The Roslin Institute, UK

Heritability and genetic correlation of keel bone morphometric phenotypes and injury grading in laying hens

3:45pm Dalit Sela-Donenfeld The Hebrew University, Rehovot, Isreal

Hindbrain boundaries-niches of neural progenitors/stem cells in the developing chick embryo

4:00pm Viktória Halasy Semmelweis University, Hungary

CXCR4-CXCL12 signalling regulates development of extrinsic innervation to the colorectum

4:15pm Hsiu-Lien Herbie Lin INRAE, Nouzilly, France

Impacts of glycerol on sperm fertilizing ability in chickens



4:45-5:30pm Networking sessions