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National Avian Research Facility


Broiler-type population available for research purposes

Roslin broiler
Roslin broiler in the National Avian Research Facility


The Roslin Broiler is a closed inter-crossed population that was derived from a commercial Cobb female parent and the commercial Hubbard M99 male broiler. The population has been maintained by rotational family mating for more than 10 generations. The population is genetically heterogeneous with an effective population size (Ne) of greater than 60.


The Roslin broiler can be used as a standard broiler to understand the impact of management, disease, or nutritional interventions. The compelling utility of this broiler line is based on it's genetic background. A homogeneous line rather than a 3- or 4-way commercial hybrid, makes it ideal for the study of the genetic basis of performance or response to interventions.

Roslin Broiler flock
A Roslin Broiler flock foraging.

Line origin

The population was derived from a commercial Cobb 500 female parent and the commercial Hubbard M99 conventional sire line.