Laboratory for Bacterial Evolution and Pathogenesis (LBEP)

Nat Ring

Research Fellow

Natalie Ring

Nat joined the lab at the end of 2019 as a postdoctoral research fellow. Her primary research project at the Roslin Institute involves developing methods for culture-free prediction of antimicrobial resistance in canine infections, using nanopore sequencing.

Prior to joining LBEP, Nat worked for four years (2012-2016) as a bioinformatician for the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC), at MRC Harwell. In 2016, she moved to the University of Bath to study for a PhD. Her PhD research focussed on the use of long-read sequencing (particularly nanopore sequencing) to investigate the genome of the bacterium which causes whooping cough, Bordetella pertussis.

Nat’s main research interests are sequencing, genomics and bioinformatics. She is also a keen science communicator, having received a Postgraduate Diploma in Science Communication and Public Engagement from the University of Edinburgh in 2016.


More information on the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium can be found here.