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Knowledge exchange and commercialisation strategy

Our Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) commitment, strategy and guiding principles.

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KEC is a key contributor towards our aim of producing research with applications and impact outside of the research community. Roslin Institute scientists' commitment to KEC is apparent at all levels of the organisation. The KEC agenda is championed by the Director and mentioned frequently in addresses to staff which has resulted in 83% of Roslin group leaders being involved in KEC.

The Roslin Institute's KEC strategy is based upon relationship building and partnership. It is founded on a set of guiding principles and developed based on previous experience at the Institute and expertise from Edinburgh Innovations.

In order to deliver a successful knowledge exchange and commercialisation strategy, a set of guiding principles has been developed:

  • Knowledge exchange and commercialisation at The Roslin Institute is in harmony with the Institute's academic obligations and is core to Roslin Institute strategy and aspirations
  • The companies, policymakers and other stakeholders we work with are our partners and we aim for a knowledge transfer outcome that is beneficial to all
  • Intellectual property (IP) will be protected (i.e. patent applications filed) when there is a clear path to market and/or a commercial partner identified
  • The Business Development team coordinating knowledge exchange and commercialisation is an integral part of The Roslin Institute and is located on the same premises while still being employed by Edinburgh Innovations and benefitting from the experience and expertise of other business development staff at the University

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