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Future Impact

On-going research is expected to generate significant impacts in the future. Extensive development plans on Easter Bush Campus will generate wealth and support additional employment.

Easter Bush Campus 20 year plan
Easter Bush Campus 20 year plan

The Roslin Institute’s £60 million building was completed in 2011. Construction of the £14 million National Avian Research Facility (NARF), was completed in October 2014.  NARF provides a one-stop-shop for poultry researchers in the UK and overseas.

The Roslin Institute plays a significant role in the development of the Easter Bush Campus vision. Future development will be phased until 2025, current development includes:

For phased campus development plans please see the campus Master Plan.

A breakdown of The Roslin Institute's plans for future impact, figures show 1044 total jobs and 54.1 million pounds of GVA in the next 5 years, then by 2025 a projection of 6032 jobs and 342.9 million pounds.