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Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility

Research at the facility reflects the links between animal, human and environmental health.

This new facility incorporates resources for the Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) and the Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation Centre (AGRI-EPI) due for completion in 2019.

The Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF) includes the Wellcome Trust-funded Critical Care Laboratory for Large Animals currently at Dryden Farm, which supports the study of large animal biology with all the resources of a human hospital. It also offers advanced imaging capabilities to advance neurobiology, anatomy and physiology in large animals, as well as to provide capacity to study infectious diseases and evaluate control strategies. The LARIF supports the 'One health, One medicine' vision of the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine, including by harnessing biomedical models of important human disorders.

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