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Research stories

Animal genetics research at Roslin that we are excited to share.

Virus resistant salmon

Norwegian salmon
Investigating the genetics of virus resistance in salmon.

An atlas for sheep DNA

The Sheep Atlas is a map to show where genes are in the sheep's genetic make-up, and what they control.

Pigs that can resist a fatal virus

Dr Christine Tait-Burkard with pigs resistant to PRRS.
Genome editing to make pigs resistant to deadly virus.

How does a chicken get its feathers?

Researchers have discovered how bird feather patterns form, which has led to some interesting insights.

Cow microbiome study - paving the way to lower emission cows

Reducing the amount of methane produced by cows, by looking at the bacteria in their gut

Computer machine learning to fight disease

A cow eating grass
Scientists find new way to forecast bacterial health risk to humans