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Professor Bruce Whitelaw: Animal genetic engineering

Farm: Looking at the possibilities and implications of genome editing in agriculture

Prof Bruce Whitelaw is Deputy Director and Director of Partnerships at the Roslin Institute and Professor of Animal Biotechnology at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. An expert in genetic engineering, Prof Whitelaw pioneered the use of lentivirus vectors to deliver new genes into animal cells, and he and his group are currently improving methods for genome editing in a range of livestock species.

Prof Whitelaw and his research group are focused on applying genetic technologies to improve animal and human health. Specifically, they aim to develop new biotechnological solutions to combat infectious diseases in animals, evaluate new treatments of human disease using transgenic animal models, and establish efficient protein production systems in animals.

*The video below is of the entire event, but will begin and end automatically to play only Professor Whitelaw's talk. 

Video: Animal Genetic Engineering
Professor Bruce Whitelaw's talk on animal genetic engineering