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Find out more about the people behind our research stories!

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of animal genetics in Edinburgh, we have been featuring research carried out at the Roslin Institute, and in association with Roslin Institute researchers, with impacts around the globe.

Behind the fantastic accomplishments are a group of committed scientists, students, administrative staff, families, funders and more. The Roslin Institute is made up of a mosaic of people who each play a key role directly or indirectly in the pursuit of improving global health.  Here we will feature some of the people behind our 100th anniversary stories - though of course there is a team of people behind each person named.

Christine Tait-Burkard

Dr Christine Tait-Burkard with pigs resistant to PRRS.
Roslin Institute Fellow

Ross Houston

Dr Ross Houston beside a computer
Personal Chair of Aquaculture Genetics

David Gally

Personal Chair of Microbial Genetics

Emily Clark

University of Edinburgh Chancellor's Fellow